Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a month can I come to the Food Pantry and/or the Clothes Closet?

Client families have many opportunities to visit the Food Pantry and Clothes Closet each month. Clients can visit the Pantry once per calendar month for a “full” grocery shopping trip which includes bakery, fresh fruits and vegetables, deli, dairy, frozen meats, personal care products, paper goods, and shelf-stable items. Clients can also come to the Pantry to receive extra bread and produce as many times as they would like throughout the month. Arrive at the Pantry during the last half hour of any day we are open for the extra bread and produce.

Clients can visit the Clothes Closet twice per calendar month.

I need help this month - and it is October. Can I start coming even though the year is almost over?

Yes, you just need to be certified whenever you are a first time client and at the anniversary of that month. To be certified means you must bring in the following: Photo id (license or state id) and a recent (within 1 month) utility bill (or rent receipt) with your name and the address indicating you live in Batavia or Batavia Township.

What if I lose my punch card?

If you have already been served this calendar year, you will need to pay $1 and be re-certified before you receive service. To be certified means you must bring in the following: Photo id (license or state id) and a recent (within 1 month) utility bill (or rent receipt) with your name and the address indicating you live in Batavia or Batavia Township.

Can my child come and get the food for me?

This is handled on a case by case basis. If you require this service, when you are certified, you will need to add them to your sheet and add their name on the punch card.

If I don't come in January, can I still be certified at a later time?

Yes. Certification does not occur only in January. It is a process that occurs on your first visit to the pantry and is good for 12 months thereafter.

Can I get special food, like sugar free, salt free, fat free?

We try to sort and store separately the special foods like fat free, sugar free, salt free. If you do not see it on the shelf, please ask. We don’t receive a lot of donations that fall into these categories.

Can my children be with me when I shop?

Yes. However, due to the limited space in the pantry bring them only if necessary. If you bring your children with you, they must stay with you while you shop. They cannot go into the shopping cart.

Can I as a volunteer do something special for the clients?

We have very creative donations from volunteers. Perhaps you’d like to do a food drive in your neighborhood. Or for a birthday party or Christmas party, ask for can goods instead of presents. We’ve also had creative ideas like making up Easter Baskets, back-to-school bags, and Birthday boxes. Or you can donate items with a theme: like personal items (toothbrushes and paste), all sugar-free or fat free items, or just cereals, or snack bags, etc. The clients appreciate your kindness.

I want to volunteer, but my volunteer days/hours would not be consistent. Is that OK?

Yes. Please look at the Volunteer page for available slots.

What some favorite items clients want or need?

There are certain items we cannot get through our cooperative buying. So, we must purchase them when they are on sale or at Aldi. We always need Oil, Sugar, Spaghetti sauce (jar), Coffee, laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels, and personal products.

Do you accept Pet food?

Yes, we accept dog and cat food. We do not purchase these items, but when they are donated, our clients are very thankful!

Do you accept alcohol, medicines, or vitamins?

No, we do not accept alcohol, medicines, or vitamins.

Are you connected to the Clothes Closet?

Yes, the Clothes Closet is at the north end of the building. The Food Pantry and Clothes Closet are one organization.

The expiration date on some food items I was going to donate is next week. Is that OK?

We cannot distribute any opened items or many expired items. If the date is close, we can make sure the items are put out front for our clients to take first. We will accept food that is up to 5 months past the ‘Best By’ date. Please check the expiration dates prior to your donation.

I need service hours - can I volunteer?

Anyone age 16 and over (under 16 need to be accompanied by a parent) can fulfill their Service Hours. Check the Volunteer page for available time slots. For additional questions call the Food Pantry or Clothes Closet.

Are you open on the Holidays?

See the right column for days closed.

I do not have transportation to the pantry. Can I still get food?

Yes, we have home delivery once a month on a very limited basis. Please call the pantry at (630) 879-3784 for further assistance and a food menu.

My food doesn't last all month. Can I come more than once a month?

The Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry is meant to supplement your food for the month.
In addition, during the last half hour of the Pantry’s normal operating hours clients can stop as often as they need to for Bakery, Fruits, and Vegetables, as available.

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